Best Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards have gotten very popular in recent years since they provide you an unconventional way to practice at home with more safety. This provides you with an interactive experience for both adults and children, and if you buy a good-quality electronic board, then you can enjoy this device to its full capacity.

We have spent a lot of time researching the best electronic dartboards present in the market and have chosen some of the best ones. We have presented below a detailed review of the best models we could find along with a buying guide for your help. You can read through the reviews and the guide thoroughly and find out what features are more vital for you and which dartboard matches your unique needs.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

This Fat Cat Mercury dartboard features a robust thermoplastic segment designed to stand up to years of recreational activities and play. It also has a large catch ring that surrounds the target's face and creates a 360-degree zone for the landing of missed shots; this ring's main purpose is to protect the surrounding walls from being damaged. The ultra-thin board's spider provides you with tighter shot groupings and a large surface area. This increases the ratio of shots landed and reduces them from bouncing outwards.

Furthermore, both the doors of Fat Cat Mercury come fixed with dart holsters, and they store and display four sets of darts, making them 12 in total. You can keep them on display and safe from any harm as you keep admiring your dart collection. Moreover, Mercury's signature feature is the extra-large illuminated Cricket display present on the inner right side of the door. It also has two more player displays on the advanced control panel.

That's not all!

The control panel, which is located centrally, is very easy to use for all ages, and you can navigate it on your own. The scoring display and the indicating lights on the panel allow the players to keep track of where they stand, whereas the eleven buttons make setting and game selection a very simple task.

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX dartboard was manufactured in 2008 and specialized in supplying the dart industry with the most cost-effective dart equipment for beginners. The barrels are designed by high-tech CNC manufacturers and made with knurls and deep cuts to provide the user with a long-lasting and comfortable firm grip.

This design helps increase the flight speed and maintains balance, which delivers you with pinpoint accuracy and a consistent flight path. Furthermore, the meticulous design of the dart gives it a very aesthetic feel overall. With this dartboard, you can play 21 exciting games and enjoy 65 variations. Playing the same game over and over is bound to get you bored, so the variations present in this board give the game a whole new meaning and rules.

The best part about this dartboard is that it not only allows four individuals to play the game but is also capable of keeping score for team plays.

Turnart Electronic Dart Board


Turnart Dartboard brings light to an entirely new dart game with an illuminated dartboard to enjoy. This innovative dartboard features LED bright lights that shine through the board and enhances your gaming experience, and it includes other exclusive games as well. You can enjoy up to 48 games with 315 variations; you will find yourself always enjoying and exploring new and better ways to play the same game.

With this board, no one in your friend's group will sit on the sidelines because it supports up to eight-player games, and you can enjoy different team combinations as well. TURNART allows you to enjoy darts flying out of the box as soon as you unpack it with the six included starter darts. The game manual and instruction manual, along with the mounting hardware, allows you to put this dartboard wherever you want with ease.

The thick segments of 11.3mm reduce the bouncing of darts, and the target-tested segments are tough and withstand heavy use, and rough dart throws again and again. Turnart has durable thermoplastic segments that provide you with excellent durability so that you can enjoy a fierce gaming experience. It is also designed with an easy control panel to ensure you have a fun experience. There’s also an LCD display for auto-scoring.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid Cricket Pro dartboard features a regular size of 15.5 inches of the target area, which is ideal for tournament-style dart games. It has the classic red, yellow, and black color that provides you with an original dart game feel. You can enjoy up to 40 games with 179 different variations, including seven cricket games.

The Cricket Pro helps evaluate and track your game by providing you with a PPD- average points per dart once the player's round ends. This exclusive feature ensures the players don’t have to do unnecessary calculations. It also comes integrated with a three-level Heckler feature which mocks the players for their bad dart throws and applauds when hit with an impressive score. It operates on three levels ranging from mild level to unforgiving level. However, this Heckler feature is optional and can easily be turned on or off during your game.

Best Dart Boards With Cabinet

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking out your dartboard every time you want to play and finding a place to hang it, you should look into dartboards with cabinets. Some of the best options available are:

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx

This Bullshooter by Cricket Maxx is an electronic dartboard with a cabinet and features both soft tip and steel tip dart play. It also comes with a large door mounted with an X/O cricket display in the famous pub style. The target area on this dartboard is 13.5", and it allows you to play up to 34 games. It also provides you with around 183 options that 2-8 players can enjoy for endless entertainment nights.

You can play against computers as well with skill level 5, or you can gather your friends and play this game in teams. This Fat Cat board comes with everything you will need to play the game, including six extra tips, six starting darts, an instruction manual, mounting hardware, and a power adapter. You can play this game with two teams of two, three, or four players each. Whether you want to play with your friends or your family, this board is ideal for you. You can also play against the computer if you do not have friends around.

Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

Viper GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

The Neptune Dartboard cabinet has a tough and sturdy construction that lasts the toughest of times and all kinds of rough gaming nights. It comes with a large catch ring that surrounds the target's face and creates a 360-degree landing zone for your missed shots. This keeps your wall protected.

Furthermore, the board has an ultra-thin spider that allows a large surface area and tight shot groupings, increasing the ratio of shots landed and reducing the bounce-outs. The Viper Neptune provides you with immediate access to features and games. You can play Count-up, American Cricket, and even 301 instantly using the shortcut buttons, making it convenient and user-friendly. The options button display also shows you the difficulty settings and variations in games so you can choose freely.

Moreover, you can adjust errant throws easily by pressing the buttons called Eliminate, Bounce, or MIss. You also get dual dart storage that displays six darts in total whenever you need them.

Soozier Electronic Dartboard

Soozier Electronic Dartboard

The Soozier LED-rich dartboard is another intelligently designed board made with robust material and lasts for a long time. It has a large face with a cabinet present inside with wide doors and protects your home and wall from dings and holes. Furthermore, the doors of this board allow you to store darts when you are not using them.

Soozier LED dartboard features a multi-game mode with 27 games along with 202 scoring options for users to play. This game allows up to eight people to play at a time, and the 12 dart pack allows for a perfect game night at your house, office, and even at the bar.
This electronic dartboard comes integrated with a scoring board. The easy-to-read control panel has a LED display that makes scoring and statistics easier to read. You can also set different electronic features such as volume control, Player vs. Computer mode, and an automated electronic point scoreboard.

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet


This WIN.MAX Electronic dartboard set comes with excellent construction, an easy-to-read control panel, and a bright LED display. The built-in slots in the doors store not only the darts but also the dart accessories. With this dartboard, you can even adjust the volume from 0 to 7. It also comes with twelve soft tip darts for beginners and 40 soft tip dart points as well.

The game list consists of cricket, scram, no-score cricket, bowling, double down, shanghai, high score, football, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, and 901. Another excellent feature is that you do not need to stop playing simply to keep track of the score; you can enjoy the game using the LCD display. This display provides you with fair play and real score tracking.

Things to Consider

Even though we have compiled a list of the best electronic dartboards present in the market, you should still know some things. Before you head on and buy any electronic board, you must know the important features then invest your money in the right place.

Playing Field Size

This is a very important feature of a dartboard. It simply means that the more space present on the board, the easier it is to hit and have fun. The last thing anyone needs to deal with is coming home, opening their board, and realizing that the playing surface is as small as a dinner plate. If you want to have fun, then the ideal board size is 15.5 inches, whereas the minimum size is 13.5 inches. If the size is smaller than that, throwing darts onto a tight grouping won't leave you much space, and you will have smaller segments, which will suck out all the fun from the game.

How Many Players Are Playing?

If you are hosting a party, you will need a dartboard that can accommodate eight people max (two teams of four). Some boards display scores for only two people, which ruins the fun when you have around 20 people itching to throw darts. You must opt for a good board that can accommodate up to 16 players or two teams of eight players.

You must also not overlook SOLO MODE because, at the end of the day, you will be buying it for yourself. Getting a board with many levels for solo players allows you to enjoy life while playing in the basement.

Power Source and Sound Effects

Some electronic boards have their own power source connection, and some get charged, whereas some use cells. It is ideal that you go for cells or battery-powered boards since they will be easier and more convenient to use.

Voice prompt is another feature you should look out for. These prompts make gaming and party nights more engaging and fun and add an extra layer of fun and excitement to game night.

Electronic dartboards have not only voice prompts but animations as well. These animations can vary from revving sounds to flashing lights and heckling as well, in case you miss a shot. This feature has a shut-off button as well if you find it too annoying.

Number of Games and their Variations

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a game of darts and other games included in these dartboards. Many of them come with various modes, such as cricket mode, which is a popular dart game in pubs and bars and can be played with loads of people. On the other hand, some electronic dartboards have around 30 to 50 different gaming modes. This is a very useful feature to have, and if you get bored of a single mode, you can simply switch to another.

The modes have different variations as well. These variations include the different game lengths and alter the number of players, allowing you to adjust it according to the group you are playing with.

LCD vs. LED Display

Usually, electronic dartboards either have an LCD or an LED. This display shows elements such as the score, the name of the player, and more. When choosing a good display for your dartboard, you may want to opt for an LED display. This is because LED dartboards are more vibrant and easier to read; they are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, LCD boards are harder to read and can be duller.


The best electronic dartboard is, no doubt, an excellent investment to make since it makes parties and game nights incredibly fun and entertaining. Go through the reviews we have mentioned above for you along with the buyer's guide and make the best decision possible. These dartboards have different modes, and even if you do not have friends, you can enjoy them on your own, making them a worthy purchase!