Best Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts help enhance accuracy and precision on the field, but they also help boost your confidence while shooting. From a review of the good models to an excellent buying guide, here is everything you need to know about these darts.

Reviews of Soft Tip Darts

In this article, we have reviewed some of the most popular soft tip darts in the market. We have also mentioned their top pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. We’ve also included a buying guide to further help you out.

Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

With its durable construction and amazing accuracy, this model is certainly making rounds in the market. It is an imported product made of plastic and provides good efficiency. It features a very hard outer shell that will keep the darts inside secure. There is also a cloth lining that helps secure your darts inside.

You will also like the model for its shaft locking holes. These shafts are made with aluminum and guarantee durability. Moreover, they feature locking holes that help provide greater safety for the barrel. You won't have to retighten the shafts after every shot or two.

Another reason why these darts are at the top is that they offer amazing precision. Each dart offers amazing adjustability. You can change the grams from 16 to 19 without having to make a lot of changes. Moreover, every dart in the case provides excellent finishing. You will get to use three extra nylon shifts and three extra flight protectors.



Sanfeng Professional Soft Tip Darts Set

Sanfeng-Professional Soft Tip Darts Set

These professional darts not only look great but also feel great in your hands. The total weight of the darts is around 20 grams, so you get to experience good portability and even better accuracy with these. Moreover, they offer a deep groove grip barrel that ensures exceptionally good performance. Not just that, but the smooth release system also aids in the process.

The set also comes with green shafts made of aluminum. This not only ensures better durability but also helps make these darts very fast. Furthermore, you will be pleased with the balance the darts offer. The streamlined and straight design enhances the shooting power of the darts and ensures you hit the direction each time. Moreover, the design is such that it reduces the overall drag.

Another thing that influences shooting is the stability of the dart set. Every shaft in this set comes with a special anti-loosening O-ring. This is placed around the 2BA thread and allows for pinpoint accuracy. So if you are a casual or intermediate shooter, you will have a lot of fun using these darts.



WHOLE 18g Soft Dart


With its weight of 18 grams, this model manages to strike the perfect balance between accuracy and speed. The appropriate weight makes this a perfect model for all kinds of shooters. The grooves are strategically placed and hence allow for an excellent gripping point. This not only enhances your control over the shot but also allows you to avoid any possible strain on your shoulder.

Another thing that adds to the model's appeal is its excellent durability. It is made with very precisely machined barrels that enhance stability. Moreover, traditional yet durable core flights are also added to enhance the performance of the dartboard. Furthermore, all the flights are specially designed to reduce the overall drag on the unit. Moreover, these flights provide better speeds. All this then ensures an overall majestic performance of your soft tip darts.



Red Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip: 18g

red dragon amberjack darts

This may be the last product in this review, but it is, in no way, the least popular. The package contains three excellent darts that all weigh around 18 grams. Like its predecessor, this model also achieves the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. You won't have to throw it with extra energy to hit your target.

Another thing that makes this model stand out is its exterior. The use of black and orange colors gives the darts a very stylish and smoky look. The patterned design also appears visually appealing and instantly catches the attention of onlookers. So, the next time you are competing in a local or international tournament, make sure you carry these darts with you.



Finding the Right Soft Tip Dart

Playing darts guarantees fun, but only if you have the right kind of tools to play it. There are a couple of things you need to take care of before you make a hefty investment. Here are some important factors to consider.


The market is flooded with all kinds of dart options. These vary primarily in weight. Most darts weigh anywhere between 12 and 50 gm. Heavier darts tend to be difficult to handle; however, they offer much more stability. Many organizations and tournaments allow you to play with a 50-gram dart; however, most users prefer playing with 30-gram darts. This is because a very heavy dart is more likely to compromise accuracy.

However, very lightweight darts tend to compromise on speed. You will have to throw them with a lot of vigor and energy if you want them to land on the target. This is why you will need to strike a balance between accuracy and speed.

The weight of the barrel is also important to consider. Some darts are back-weighted, whereas others come with front-loaded bodies. If you are a novice shooter, we recommend you try out either front-loaded or mid-loaded darts.

Strong Tips

Another important thing to remember is durability. This is ensured when you use darts with stronger tips. These not only provide better accuracy but also ensure that you hit your target easily. More importantly, stronger tips are also less vulnerable to damage and will not break easily upon impact.


There are a plethora of dart types in the market, and if you want to ensure accuracy, you will have to choose one that suits you the most. Many different materials are used in the construction of darts. Here are some general features of each of these materials.

Plastic: Composite beams tend to have plastic bases, and they offer excellent portability. They also combine metal alloy and aluminum in the construction of the tops. Plastic darts tend to be lightweight, and they remain intact even with heavy barrel vibrations.

Nylon: These are also very lightweight and easy to carry. However, nylon shafts tend to be slightly more expensive than other types. You can also get these darts in a variety of different patterns and colors. The major drawback of this type is that it breaks easily.

Carbon fiber: These are undoubtedly one of the most expensive darts in the market, but they also offer great accuracy for that price. They are also extremely durable and will last longer than both plastic and nylon shafts.

Aluminum: This is perhaps the most recommended material for soft tip darts. The use of this material leads to very sturdy and rigid construction. Moreover, these darts may not be able to resist active vibrations.

Slim or Thick Flights

If you are looking to use soft tip darts, then we suggest you use slim flights. This is because they are relatively smaller and hence offer less surface area. Moreover, these flights are better optimized for a variety of speeds and are hence suitable for more experienced shooters. You can throw them at better speeds than you would throw thick flights. On top of all of that, slim flights also offer less drag. This ensures that there is less wind resistance affecting it. It will also guarantee that your dart can glide through the air quicker.


People use soft tip darts for a variety of different reasons. These are usually used with electronic dartboards. However, before investing in your next model, we suggest you pay attention to the purpose of your usage. If you are a novice player and are only looking to play with friends or family, then we suggest you get a lightweight dart that offers adequate speed.

However, if you are more serious about the sport and want to compete at a national or international tournament, then you should preferably invest in an expensive model that weighs anywhere between 30 and 50 gm.


Before considering anything else, you need to consider the price of your model. There are a plethora of models in the market that are overpriced and don’t offer any of the good features. Heavier darts tend to be slightly more expensive than lightweight darts. However, if you are a novice shooter and are not looking forward to competing at a high-end tournament, then we suggest you invest in a cheaper model. But regardless of the product you choose, make sure you don’t have to compromise on durability and strength.


When it comes to the game of darts, nothing will determine your success more than the kind of tools you use. They will not only help you enhance accuracy during shots but will also allow you to hone your skills. So whether you want to practice at home or compete in an actual tournament, good soft tip darts will help boost your confidence.